In addition to providing fully-developed additive packages, Well Fargo is a leading supplier of lubricant and grease additive components. Whether you need enhanced protection, improved antiwear qualities or to improve performance in a wider range of application conditions, Well Fargo has a full and robust selection of components to meet your needs.

Lubricant Components

Foam Inhibitors
– prevent foaming to minimize oxidation and avoid cavitation by altering the surface tension of the oil. Available in Silicone (P& Non-Silicone grades (acrylate based)

Tackiness Additives
– improve the adhesive properties of a lubricant, preventing dripping and splashing during operation to reduce environmental contamination and product loss

– prevent dust and dirt particles from attaching themselves to critical surfaces and, in the case of overbased detergents, neutralize acidic byproducts of combustion to slow down lubricant oxidation

Our best selling Detergent product, Well-Fargo 411D is an economical general purpose 400 TBN linear alkyl benzene high base synthetic calcium sulfonate with strong detergency , excellent hydrolytic stability and minimal foaming tendencies.

Corrosion Inhibitors
– provide protection to the metal surfaces by forming a protective film or by neutralizing acids directly

Friction Modifiers
– improve fuel economy in gasoline engine oils, prevent scoring, reduce wear and noise, and avoid micropitting in other applications. Friction modifiers find particularly important applications in automatic and manual transmissions, tractor hydraulic systems, power steering, shock absorbers, and metalworking fluids

Thickeners & Viscosity Index Improvers
– reduce change of viscosity at temperature extremes

Our premier liquid viscosity index improver, Well Fargo 5822L meets and surpasses all critical parameters for low temperature performance, including the cold cranking simulator (CCS) and mini rotary viscometer (MRV) for production of multigrade lubricants.

– prevent sludge, varnish and other deposits from forming on critical surfaces

– reducing the surface tension of water to facilitate thorough mixing: important for metalworking, rock drill and hydraulic applications

Pour Point Depressants (PPDs)
– lower the pour point of lubricating fluids, to improve low temperature performance

The Well Fargo 2591 pour point depressant excels at reducing the pour point of base stocks from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to most South American, European and Middle Eastern solvent refined base oils.

Extreme Pressure Additives
– react with metal surfaces during operation at elevated temperatures, creating a protective coating that can withstand extreme heat and pressure

Antiwear Additives
– react with metal surfaces during operation, creating a protective coating at moderate loads and pressures

Well Fargo AW1720 is our best-selling mixed, primary/secondary zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) antiwear and anticorrosion additive that finds an application in the formulation of automotive, marine and hydraulic fluids.

Seal Swell Additives
– maintain the integrity of certain elastomeric materials used as seals, preventing elastomer shrinkage, brittleness and deterioration during service.

Grease Components 

Grease additive components modify grease properties to meet specification requirements of particular industries, applications and end users. Some of these additives are suitable for applications involving incidental food contact and have been registered with NSF with a an HX-1 approval.

The most commonly used additive components for grease formulation include:

Structure modifiers
– modify the grease structure & properties

Oxidation inhibitors
– rust and corrosion protection particularly for applications involving high temperatures and/or water contamination

Extreme pressure additives
– which enable greases and equipment to resist extreme heat and extreme pressure, particularly in boundary lubrication conditions

Anti-wear agents
– reduce metal wear by binding to metal surfaces, forming a lubricious sacrificial coating

Metal deactivators
– reduce metal reactivity to protect surfaces from degradation

Viscosity modifiers
– modify base fluid properties to enhance performance in highly variable temperature applications

Other additives
– depending on the specific application, the following additives may also find an application in your formulation: pour point depressants, antifoam agents, emulsifiers, demulsifiers, tackiness agents, solid additives and friction modifiers.


Your Local Well-Fargo Distributor will have a Well Fargo Certified Technical Representative available to assist you in the selection of the appropriate lubricant additives and packages that will provide the specific properties you are trying to obtain.